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Magic promo cards list

The map of 2016 Summer Store Championship locations was released on June 27, 2016.
This is a list of promotional.
Contents: High Magic Organized Play Kit #2 Edit cadeau pilotage voiture de course Not yet available for order by stores in the.
It's Wednesday already, and we haven't had any.Store operators had until June 23, 2014 to submit an application.Hooves, Time Researcher exclusive "Baltimare 2015" stamped cards were given out with any play mat purchase.Absolute Discord #35;P14 Sunset Shimmer, Clever Girl is the "volunteer/play tester/judge promo" for 2016.Harmony format, so that players who want to try out their new Continentals deck in the most competitive environment available to them before August have a chance to.The map of 2016 Winter Regional Championship locations was released on Jan 13, 2016.1/13: Searing Spear 154 2/13: Reliquary Tower 155 3/13: Farseek 156 4/13: Call of the Conclave 157 5/13: Judge's Familiar 158 6/13: Izzet Charm 159 7/13: Rakdos Cackler 160 8/13: Dimir Charm 161 9/13: Experiment One resultat concour 162 10/13: Ghor-Clan Rampager 163 11/13: Grisly Salvage 164.Generic Fixed Set Edit Princess Luna Collector's Box (November 2014) Edit Princess Twilight Sparkle Collector's Box (November 2014) Edit Rainbow Dash Collector's Tin (December 2014) Edit Picture on EnterPlay's Facebook page Pinkie Maud Pie Collector's Lunchbox (March 2015) Edit Picture on EnterPlay's Facebook page Absolute.1/11: Everflowing Chalice 128 2/11: Spellstutter Sprite 129 3/11: Wall of Omens 130 4/11: Artisan of Kozilek 131 5/11: Squadron Hawk 132 6/11: Rhox War Monk 133 7/11: Jace's Ingenuity 134 8/11: Cultivate 135 9/11: Teetering Peaks 136 10/11: Contagion Clasp 137 11/11: Go for.KothVisionsVisions - PreviewWeatherlightWorld ChampionshipWorldwakeWorldwake FoilZendikarZendikar FoilZendikar Intro LandsZendikar - ExpeditionsZendikar.Participation: Absolute Discord #P2 Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Crash with silver engraved "spring 2015" (at least 12 per store).Individual groups without a hosting store could order the pre-release kit and host an event themselves, which may not be listed on either map.Premiere #P16 Lady Justice, Judge Jury is a "volunteer/judge promo" for 2015: "Helping at conventions, large tournaments, play testing, writing and demoing the game will also get one of these in the future." A batch was given out to volunteers in Atlanta that helped put.
Hooves, Too Splashy 2 2 2 The Crystal Games Organized Play Kit #1 5 Doctor's Orders 4 2 4 The Crystal Games Organized Play Kit #1 Upgraded Organized Play Kit #1 6 Octavia, Serious Musician 2 3 2 The Crystal Games Organized Play Kit #2.
Contents 2/00: River Boa 1 3/00: Terror 2 4/00: Longbow Archer 3 5/00: Volcanic Geyser 4 6/00: Mind Warp 5 7/00: Shock 6 8/00: Giant Growth 7 *First Card with the, dCI.