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En demandant de recevoir les catalogues des sites internet d"envie de plus" et "ma vie en couleur".Il n'est pas évident de s'y retrouver avec toutes ces promos et sites de BDR.Pour vous biens d'équipement, nous vous proposons des offres sur le Mobilier ou l'electroménager, mais également les offres..
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Site echange cadeaux de noel

I have uploaded it but if you think it is too stupid, please ignore.
Felices Pascuas is done.
This section is done: Descripciones *I sitll need to change a few mistakes in the games.There is a broken link, I'll sort it out this week.One more ' walk the plank ' on useful words in the 'Les roue velo route promo Médias' section.Vocab lists for Die Medien.There are only a few things to do in the 'las fechas' section.I will now be working on KS2 then KS3 German: KS2 Wann: NC, Wordsearch (days of the week), Jahreszeiten, I will do Valentinstag and Ostern nearer the time.A few more activities in the 'El tiempo libre'.A few more sound files were added: Las direcciones, 'Olvidado', las descripciones, Canción: rojo rosa and Las compras - role plays.I will print it and laminate it and leave it on the desk in the classroom - hopefully this will help pupils with their writing skills.Here is the new activity to revise some sport: French, Spanish, Italian La ventana : an activity to recap on questions and descriptions.(I will do it in other language this week) Here are some quizzes on 'los animales'.Quand These activities are not yet linked back to the site.Here is a new file: El futuro I will be working on this for the next few months: KS2 QCA scheme of work December 2009 I am working on QCA Unit 8 L'argent de poche.Penalty shoot out on tenses: le présent, le passé et le futur Las imágenes locas : are done.
A few exercises to revise the use of the accusative (German) with commons verbs.
Worksheets: a Venn diagram for 'Le petit déjeuner' and a reading on 'Le petit déjeuner'.

I colori is now done.
I have also redone the German videos section.
Walk the plank and Les annonces.